MyBlood becomes myblood-line

Hi everybody. Just a small note that the MyBlood name will be replaced with “myblood-line”.
It is more consistent with the website, the blog… People didn’t seem to make thye distinction between MyBlood and myblood-line so we will all call it myblood-line from now on.
The new logo is the 2.0 logo adding a cloud to indicate the extensive sharing possibilities in version 2. We’ll post some screenshots in a few weeks.

Reflecting on 2010

Hello everybody. Looking back on 2010 we’re surprised of what we’ve done with MyBlood is just a year. We released version 1 in November 2009 and had a number of improvements bringing us to version 1.3.

During the summer we decided not to keep bringing new versions every few months, but make a big new release for 2011. So this is what we’re working on for some time now.
We will talk more about this new release and how we see it in upcoming blogs.

For now we wish you happy holidays, and all the best for you and your family.

Atlas Maior: beautiful

This beautiful Atlas Maior is now available from Taschen books for only 49.99 euro.

I find this amazing. Do you remember when taschen book started making cheap books in the early 80′ about well known artists like Picasso, Margritte…? Now that they have done all the artist, pop stars and more, they are starting to reprint old master pieces like this atlas.
The original size is bigger than this book, but wouldn’t fit in a normal bookshelf anyway, so this is fine.

A lower price for MyBlood!

Hello everybody. Today we lowered the price of MyBlood from $59.95 to $49.95.
The price difference for family tree applications on the Mac and PC is considerable. On the Mac $59.95 would not be considered that expensive (Reunion is around $100); on the PC side it seems to be relatively expensive.
That’s why we lowered our price to the more acceptable $49.95 for PC users.

Best regards,

August MyBlood winner

We are very happy to announce that the August winner of the MyBlood prize draw is Patrick Harding from South Africa.

Patrick is happy with the ease of use of MyBlood… “It provides me with a complete facility to maintain, enlarge, to distribute, and to create a website. All of this in an easy and simple to follow format.”

Congratulations to Patrick and if you want to be the next winner, go to our site and fill in the form.

Kind regards,
the MyBlood team

MyBlood in Frysk (Frisian)

Thanks to Liske Rynja MyBlood got translated into Frisian. Frisian is an official and protected language in the Netherlands.
Old English and Old Frisian have a lot in common. Words like kaai, swiet and tsiis (or key, sweet and cheese) are often given as examples of this, but that was in the 13th century…
You can download the Frisian language here.
If you want to know more about the Frisian language, you might be interested in the links below:

Toen Fries nog op Engels leek

An Introduction to Old Frisian

Webster’s online dictionary (including translations to Frisian)



Hoegaarden 1914

As most genealogists know, it is useful to know a bit about the historical context in which your ancestors lived. Having the correct birth date and place is nice but understanding the living conditions, the working hours, the general mood of the time they lived in makes you appreciate your family history.

With the arrival photography in the 19th century, most countries started documenting their villages, making postcards of the villages and their mean events. is a marketplace for postcards if you want such postcards in your possession, but you can always view the postcards in relatively high resolution; high enough to use as a digital photo in your family tree collection.

The image in this blog is from Hoegaarden in 1914 in the time my grandfather lived there.

Hope you like it.

July winner of the MyBlood prize draw

We are very happy to announce that the July winner of MyBlood competition is Drew Andrew from Australia.

Drew tells us “I have been looking for ages for a Genealogy program that works on both Mac and PC … MyBlood is very easy to use on both my Macbook and PC desktop and I am storing and saving all files in Dropbox so both Mac and PC are both kept updated”

Congratulations to Drew and if you want to be the next winner, go to our site and fill in the form.

Kind regards,
the MyBlood team

MyBlood 1.3

We are happy to announce that the MyBlood 1.3 is now available.

The new version further grows the user experience of MyBlood by extending its navigation capabilities. In this version you have on all screens a ‘person list’ (that can be folded away in case you want more workspace) and that also holds the history of people on which you have been working, but also a bookmark section, allowing you to personalize and manage that list.

On the ‘People workspace’, the user now gets an overview of where that specific person fits into his (or her) generation.

Besides the extended navigation capabilities the new version also brings a completely redesigned task utility, allowing managing and organising tasks in a structured way. On top of that the search window now can also interrogate online genealogy sources like or

Last but not least, we also completed a new online help system to explain the features of MyBlood in more detail.

But there is more. To launch MyBlood 1.3 we also decided to offer a 30% discount on the first 3 days of its availability (until 2 August 2010, 23:00 CET).
An opportunity we thought you might be interested in.

So surf to and seize this opportunity.

The MyBlood team