MyBlood is blogging…

Welcome to the MyBlood blog.

A blog? Yes indeed. We at MyBlood thought that with the general availability, a blog might be the right platform to inform people who are interested in genealogy software in general and the MyBlood application in particular. So that resulted in the blog you are currently looking at.

As stated in the About The MyBlood blog page, product specific info can be found at the MyBlood product site.


The powerful media section as it will be available in MyBlood 1.0

Hard to say how things will evolve, but feel free to react to what you read here, but let’s put things clear; we will be strict in making sure that discussions and  remarks keep a polite tone. If not we do take the privilege of removing inappropriate content. Sorry folks, that’s the way it will be. So stay tuned and check back shortly for more news on the production version of MyBlood 1.0!

Kind regards,


PS Yes, we have determined a launch date for MyBlood 1.0. And yes that date is not far away yet. Honestly, we will tell you shortly!

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