MyBlood Beta 3 on-line survey

Dear Beta customers,
Dear readers,

Many thanks to those of you who made the effort of filling in the on-line survey with regards to your experience with the MyBlood Beta version you downloaded and installed.  It is very valuable for us at Vertical Horizon to see what you think. Certainly regarding the extra functionality that you would like to see included in future versions of MyBlood. It was good to hear from you that basic functionality as installation, creating people and building a family tree, seemed to work fine for all most all of you who filled in the survey. For those of you who tested the ‘Import GEDCOM file’ functionality of the Beta 3 version, the feedback was very positive and encouraging.

Most interesting results that came out of the survey were related to future directions the MyBlood product should take. We have noted your suggestions and be sure we have not put them aside. Some of your suggestions were relatively straight forward or were already on our road map. For instance, your request for extra reporting, will already be addressed in the production release of MyBlood… that is now approaching quickly. I will not reveal the date yet, but it is a matter of weeks, not months.


Screen shot of report section in MyBlood 1.0

Above an example of an hourglass chart. Please note the floating palet at the right hand side, that can be used to customize the report settings.

Other good ideas ended up in roadmaps of future releases. Let’s first get the production version 1.0 out. And take it from there. One step at the time!

Hear from you soon.


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