MyBlood 1.1

With MyBlood 1.1 we continue to improve the application and add some useful features in the process.

And we do have good news for you! From MyBlood 1.1 onwards we support PowerPC again. The newer Macs all run on Intel processors but there are still a lot of PowerPC users out there. We initially supported PowerPC but dropped support for it somewhere in the beta phase because it was easier to implement. With some effort we were able to push it back in again  into the product life cycle.

Besides  some bug fixes, we redesigned the Calendar window to display the calendar with the week days and so on. We extended the support for privacy to people, families, notes and events. On the import side, we now support the (none standard) _PRIM tag which specifies the primary image of a person, so you don’t have to reselect it anymore.

In MyBlood 1.1 you can see which events are linked to a media and you can go the event by clicking on “Go to event”.

There are more features to come in the next weeks and months. If you have any further requests… let us know!


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