Using dropbox with MyBlood


I’m sure a lot of you already have heard about dropbox on other sites.
It’s a wonderful and simple application to synchronize folders over several computers. I actually use it a lot with my family tree in MyBlood.

So why do we write about this?

  • If you use a Mac and a PC or if you just use several computers, it’s likely that you do certain things on one computer, and other things on another computer. I have my scanner connected to the Mac, and if I need to add an image to my MyBlood database, I’ll scan it on the Mac and  enter it on the Mac version. When I save the database, it will be synchronize to my PC. It’s a lot easier than copying it on a USB-stick…
  • It’s also a good way to share files with family and friend

What are the drawbacks?

  • You shouldn’t work with multiple people on the same shared MyBlood file! The shared files in you dropbox are synchronized over the internet, but the file you will work on is not on the internet but on your local hard disk. Working with multiple people on an image file or a text file is not a problem, but for a database like MyBlood it is. This is so because a database doesn’t lock* a file like you do with an image file. The result is that your changes can be overwritten by another user that’s working on the shared database…
  • It sounds silly, but be sure to check if the dropbox is synchronized before you shutdown your computer

All the best,

* a database file is not locked because you need to able to access a database with several users at the same time. A database uses record-locking to prevent different users of editing the same record. Dropbox will synchronize all not locked file.

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