“And the technology is: REAL Studio!”

Although we are producing family tree software and our main focus is delivering genealogy functionality to our users around the globe, we are very much involved with technology. We know, technology may not matter that much to the MyBlood users, but nevertheless it is important. Certainly to us at Vertical Horizon.

REAL Software LogoFor instance assuring that MyBlood runs on almost all Windows flavors and at the same time on Mac OS X is certainly a technical challenge. A challenge we would not overcome if  we hadn’t found the development platform that lives up to it.  That’s why we have been (and  further will be) developing MyBlood with REAL Studio, of REAL Software. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it is cross-platform.

It seems that the enthusiasm was coming from both sides, so we decided to issue a press release on us using REAL Studio as our development platform of choice.

Like always, you can find the press release on our website.

Happy reading!


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