First winner!

We asked you on this blog and on our website to tell us what you liked and disliked about MyBlood.  And we promised that you could win a full production license in return. That’s why we are very happy to announce that the first winner of this content contest is US based James E Winfrey.

James especially liked: The ancestor and descendant views are extremely good tools.  It is great to look at a large family and be able to see where all the folks fit both in family links and in time.  The overall approach to the family view is well thought out and navigation is almost automatic”.

And because we are honest people, here is what James disliked about MyBlood: “My preference would be to show only vital event info on the family view for each person.  Some of my family have many events and it really looks crowded.  It is hard to see what the value is on presenting all this information on this view.”

Congratulations to James and if you want to be the next winner, go to our site and fill in the form.

Kind regards,


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