First Belgium postage stamp: 1 or 8 July 1849

There used to be a time there wasn’t email or the internet and the only news we got was days, even weeks old. Letters had a postage stamp on it, but nowadays we only use stamps for Christmas or birthday cards. Children can not imagine a world without internet of computers, and I have to admit that I couldn’t imagine a world without mail, newspapers or TV. But if we look a the timeline, postage stamps are only 170 years old. The first postage stamp in Belgium was available by law on the 1st July 1849, but the first one really used was on the 8th of July 1849. Postage stamps have a historical relevance because they often depict Kings and Queens, Presidents and important political figures. They can provide a relevant context of the world our ancestors lived in.

Postage history of BelgiumPostage stampSmithsonian – National Postal Museum


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