Calendar Converter 1.6.0

Hi everybody,

sorry for not posting extra items these last months, but we’ll try to make it up to you. We just released an update of Calendar Converter on the AppStore (iOS) and on the Android Market*. We are currently at version 1.6.
So what is new in this version?
1. There are additional calendars: Coptic, Ethiopic and Ethiopic Amete Alem.
2. The Gregorian Calendar is always available in the left top corner in the form of a date picker . This way you can use the standard iOS or Android pickers to go to your date. On Android this is limited because Android doesn’t allow you to set a date prior to 1904.
3. The swipe area to change the date is now always the complete width of the screen.
4. It’s a multi-lingual version, supporting English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. If we messed it up somewhere, please let us know!
5. Better iPad support. The backgrounds are better…
6. You already could double tap to copy the date to the clipboard, but now you can also copy the 4 calendars to the clipboard by double tapping on them…
7. There was a bug with the year for the Bahai calendar which we fixed.
For additional info, go to the website.

* I mean Google Play (still getting used to it)

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