First Belgium postage stamp: 1 or 8 July 1849

There used to be a time there wasn’t email or the internet and the only news we got was days, even weeks old. Letters had a postage stamp on it, but nowadays we only use stamps for Christmas or birthday cards. Children can not imagine a world without internet of computers, and I have to admit that I couldn’t imagine a world without mail, newspapers or TV. But if we look a the timeline, postage stamps are only 170 years old. The first postage stamp in Belgium was available by law on the 1st July 1849, but the first one really used was on the 8th of July 1849. Postage stamps have a historical relevance because they often depict Kings and Queens, Presidents and important political figures. They can provide a relevant context of the world our ancestors lived in.

Postage history of BelgiumPostage stampSmithsonian – National Postal Museum



Hoegaarden 1914

As most genealogists know, it is useful to know a bit about the historical context in which your ancestors lived. Having the correct birth date and place is nice but understanding the living conditions, the working hours, the general mood of the time they lived in makes you appreciate your family history.

With the arrival photography in the 19th century, most countries started documenting their villages, making postcards of the villages and their mean events. is a marketplace for postcards if you want such postcards in your possession, but you can always view the postcards in relatively high resolution; high enough to use as a digital photo in your family tree collection.

The image in this blog is from Hoegaarden in 1914 in the time my grandfather lived there.

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Firefox personas for MyBlood

PersonasThe Firefox web browser has a feature called personas which allows you to personalize your Firefox.

MyBlood has submitted 2 MyBlood personas themes that you can use if you want to (myblood 1, myblood 2).
You can also make your own themes if you feel creative.

They are based on the MyBlood wallpapers that are downloadable from the documentation page.

MyBlood is blogging…

Welcome to the MyBlood blog.

A blog? Yes indeed. We at MyBlood thought that with the general availability, a blog might be the right platform to inform people who are interested in genealogy software in general and the MyBlood application in particular. So that resulted in the blog you are currently looking at.

As stated in the About The MyBlood blog page, product specific info can be found at the MyBlood product site.


The powerful media section as it will be available in MyBlood 1.0

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